Justification Report to Installed Electronic Auditing Procedures to Monitor the Computer Use of Employees

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Imagining weight on a scale, when one goes up, the other one goes down. The natural order of life is the balance signaling there is always a price to pay for an achievement. In line with the explosion of the information and technology development, the quality of life has been literally perceived as jumping onto a higher level of realm. But on the other side of the scale is the humanity, the price to pay for such an advance achievement. Consequently there is the need to look into the matter on whether the technology should advance the humanity or it should be the otherwise. Therefore, this report will focus on the causes and the effects of the problems arisen, thus outlined few suggestions to overcome the issue before the
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This easy-accessed phenomenon created another easy-influenced phenomenon where the cyber space has been widely used in reverse quality achievement so known as the cyber abuse. Cyber abuse has also become an infectious viral hit other than the gangnam style and the Harlem shake.
The first and foremost situation to draw a frown on the face is the frequent visit to indecent websites, or pornography to be frank. Psychologically, such an act can retard the brain development yet catalyst sexual sensation. Though it is sensual to the eyes and the lust, but it will draw the vision into the dust. This situation also encourages sexual harassment among the colleague which will later on put a flame onto the company’s fame. Not to be pessimist, but this is what really happen in the world of reality. Though it goes mutual but a lot of families are in serious crisis because the authority put the hand on the elbow and let the spark burns the oil. The affairs among the colleague will definitely fuel up the existing official internal affairs, not to mention in depth in the report.
Next is the overused of the social hub. When a thousand miles of distance only separated by an inch of screen, the company’s achievement will be a thousand light years behind the mission. Such scenario shifted the working focus to series of pointless communication resulting in miscommunication and lack of communication situation among the

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