Invasion Of Privacy In The Circle By Dave Eggers

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Invasion of privacy is when personal information is being accessed nor a person being watched by surveillance. Cameras are placed anywhere like in stores, banks, restaurants, including public areas in which a person’s privacy is invaded. Surveillance in businesses are fine because they are meant for safety, but cameras in public areas, people might not feel countable because they are being watched. In the novel The Circle by Dave Eggers is about Mae works for the circle and she experiences how the company invades the workers and the entire society privacy. Employers medical records, personal information, their location and so on are accessible to anyone who works at the circle, furthermore; the people who work in the circle can be watched anyone in surveillance cameras. Another thing is how the circle develop applications to have more accesses to people information. Surveillance cameras in society have led to several privacy issues. Invasion of privacy is when a person privacy is being invaded by another individual or the government. One common privacy invasion is when a person goes to a place and are being recorded without them knowing. People privacy is invaded every single day it does …show more content…
The use of surveillance cameras has become very common used by people and government but is affecting society by not letting anyone have privacy. Everything a person is doing in a public area is being recorded and being watched by another individual. As Egger mentions in his novel how the Circle has access to any camera in the world “Lionel can give me access to any of the camera he wants. It’s just like friending someone, but now with access to all their live feeds” (Egger 103). What Egger points out is the circle had access to any camera and actually see what a person is doing or listen to a person conversation without them knowing. The problem is a person can hack any surveillance camera and creep on

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