Justice League Unlimited : The Concept Of Success, Valor, And Courage

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Various super hero movies and shows are made each year that millions of people watch. They play a major role in our society not just as a sort of entertainment, but also as a way to provide us with an ideal image of a person. In society today, superheroes represent the concept of success, valor, and courage. These movies and shows constantly impact the viewers thoughts and even to the point where people may relate to them. The show I will be focusing on, in particular, will be one of my favorite shows from my childhood, Justice League Unlimited. Ultimately, this show incorporates many aspects from society but also portrays the superhero as being an idealized person. One of the main concepts that is present in Justice League Unlimited is the concept of gender. Gender is defined as the social expectations about behavior that are regarded as acceptable for individuals of each sex. It plays a huge role in both society and also in this show as well. For instance, most of the main super heroes like Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman, and Superman, are male. This alludes to the stereotype of all heroes being male characters and the females being the ones in distress. Interestingly enough, however, there are some female super heroes that are main characters, however, the majority of super heroes are either male or at least played by a male actor. It is also important to consider the concept of agents of socialization. These are factors such as mass media, peers, family, and…

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