Essay on Justice Is A Complex Theory

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Justice is a complex theory to ponder on; many people have different definitions for what is justice. When it comes to justice it is not clear, people get judged different for being white, black or Hispanic. I feel our judicial system tends to treat people sentencing like a game of dice. They just roll the dice and give you the amount of years the dice land on. For example we did research and found 6 people who committed the same crime but was of different racist. What would be the percentage of them receiving the same punishment as the rest? We would really never know the truth for which a judge can choose not to speak on why they decided to give a person that long of a sentence. Down in Texas a man who goes by the name Tyrone Brown was sentenced to life in prison for violating his probation for smoking one joint. In which Tyrone lived in poverty with no connections so he did what he had to survive. The only other thing Tyrone had on his record was armed robbery in which yielded in two dollars in which he received probation. While there was this Caucasian male who was privileged a criminal. His father was a Baptist minister and brother in law a U.S. congressman was never sent to jail for no crime committed. Although Tyrone was let free this is an example of a judge rolling the dice.
Following this when it comes to drugs on the street many blacks are getting arrested for meaning less drugs and receiving longer sentences. White males tend to have larger amount of drugs…

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