Justice For Suicide Victims : Cyberbullying Essay

1110 Words Dec 11th, 2015 5 Pages
D 'Naeja Garrett
Professor Schroeder
English 1103
7 November 2015
Justice for Suicide Victims
Cyberbullying can have disastrous consequences and one of them can be suicide. There is one death by suicide in the US every 13 minutes and approximately 105 deaths a day (CDC). As of only a few years ago, social media became something we 'd never even imagine. Back in 2006, a young girl was around the age of thirteen when she devastatingly ended her own life after being cyberbullied by someone who she thought was her friend. Her name was Megan Meier. Megan Meier met a sixteen year old boy named Josh Evans on Myspace and immediately she was interested in him. In the end, only to find out that this “Josh Evans” was actually a fake and was purposely made to target Megan out of anger. Nonetheless, the people who created him were unaware that the cruelty they were causing her would cause her to kill herself. A family friend that lived down the street messaged Tina Meier, the mother of Megan and asked to speak with her and her family. The lady told the Meier’s that Josh Evans was created by adults, a family on their block. These adults, she told the Meier’s, were the parents of Megan 's former friend, the one with whom she had a falling out with (Pokin). The ages of people on social media can range from anywhere from 12 to 18, but the people who get cyberbullied the most are between the ages of 14 to 17 and they 're mainly females. Now, the level of the bullying can simply be mean…

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