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Just Culture: Theories and Concept to Implement a Change

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Just Culture: Theories and Concept to Implement a Change
To modify healthcare policies in a facility to a Just Culture environment, one must learned what “Just Culture” entails. By using economic, organizational change, and systems science theories and/or concepts a Just Culture program will be implemented into a facility by a leadership team.
Just Culture
Mistakes and errors caused by medical providers happen in the healthcare field, resulting in punitive actions against the provider. As cited by Geffken-Eddy (2011) studies by the Institute of Medicine have shown that punishment will only lead to more medical errors or providers not reporting their
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Secondly, once the workers accept the idea of a change, it is time to implement the changes. Lewin labels this part as the change or transition period. (Connelly, n.d). Steps toward Just Culture need to be started and workplace policies need to be changed to reflect Just Culture. When mistakes happen the leadership team must pull workers aside to find how the error occurred and discuss ways to prevent it from happening again without any punitive actions to the worker. Lastly, the refreeze step needs to be incorporated. Levin describes this step as maintaining stability in the new change (Connelly, n.d.). To maintain the new change to a Just Culture, management teams needs to continue safety improvements by utilizing worker’s mistakes or errors as grounds for change within a system.

Applying a systems concept to Just Culture is possible by using the Theory of Goal Attainment. Imogene King developed Theory of Goal Attainment, which focuses the relationship between systems and the occurrences of processes and outcomes (goals) ("Goal attainment theory: key concepts", n.d.). King incorporates three systems; personal, inter-personal and social in which all three will interact together. Personal system will be the healthcare worker; this person will gather information to explore further about themselves and their environment (Gonzalez, Moreno-Fergusson, Whetsell, p.424). Next is an interpersonal system, which

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