Juror Number Three In Twelve Angry Men

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Juror number three is a very stubborn and opinionated man. In the play Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose, twelve men must decide the fate of a young boy who is said to have killed his father. Juror number three really does not like to be wrong, especially when it contradicts something that he has believed in for a long time. He yells at all the people that do not agree with him, no matter what the subject is. He also believes that there are facts, that can not be proven false, that point to the kid being guilty. There is another juror who, from the very beginning, juror number three disagrees with. Juror number three stays with his original opinion throughout most of the play, and only changes it to innocent at the very end when he has been …show more content…
This is represented when he says to everyone the following, “Y’all come in here with your hearts bleedin’ all over the floor about slum kids and injustice; you listen to some fairy tales; suddenly you start gettin’ through to some of these old ladies”. This evidence shows that he will not listen to juror eight, even when he has a lot of doubt in the case. This hurts the relationship between him and juror eight, and hurts him personally by giving fuel to his angry personality. This gets him out of trouble momentarily because some of the jurors side with him after his outburst. It is not a permanent solution though, and people go back to thinking that he is innocent. As a result he only gets more angry with juror eight and makes him think that the kid is guilty.
Overall, juror number three is an angry man who only believes what he’s told himself to make him feel better. He only appreciates the opinions that he has believed all his life. He yells at people a lot when someone disagrees with him. Juror number three also ignores juror eight’s concerns about the case and talks about the facts rather than what might have actually happened. If someone is a lot like juror number three, they might make a great businessman, but they will never have very many

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