Career Assignment: Career Assessment

Career Assessment
When I was told we were going to be taking a personality test, I was really at the least enthusiastic about it. In high school I was taken through countless tests that would “find the perfect job” for me, and they never seemed to help. This Jung Typology test was different, I was pleasantly surprised. The questions were much more motivation based instead of interest based. For me, interest based tests are unreliable, considering the fact that I am interested in everything. The test was very reliable and seemed to really highlight what my motivations are and what drives me the most. This is very important to me because I want to find a job in a field that I am passionate about and enjoy doing day in and day out. The results
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I am a very organized person and I like to take control of any given situation to make it run as smooth as possible. Since taking this Jung typology test I have looking into different types of management jobs. Human resource management is one that has stuck out to me the most and I believe would be a great match for me. HR managers are given a lot of responsibility, and I tend to work better under pressure, also HR managers have to be able to relate to their employees to motivate them in a way that will benefit the company. Working to better and further any situation is a motivational drive for me and that is exactly what HR managers do. This is why I believe it would be the perfect career choice for me. I had heard of managerial positions that interested me but I never really looked into it until after taking this test and realizing all the options there are to pursue. The Jung typology test has narrowed my career options and has helped me find my niche. By using the information given to me by this test I was am able to focus on jobs that I would be motivated in doing and would make me happy to go to work every day. In the end I believe the most important quality of a carrier, is to love it. Thanks to the Jung typology test I am finally on track to finding the career I will

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