Julius Caesar Involvement In War Essay

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Caesar’s involvement in Gallic wars: Best for Roman Empire or Self-Promotion?
Julius Caesar, one of many glorious Roman leaders, was a well known military leader but he was also known for being a gigantic narcissist. So, was he justified in getting involved in the Gallic wars? To understand Caesar’s reasoning behind getting into the war, we must first know what happened in Gaul. Caesar was on a military high in a military low. He had just gotten noticed as a great military leader and he wanted to keep up that reputation. He saw his chance in Gaul. “In 58 , when the Helvetii in Switzerland attempted to migrate into central Gaul, Caesar decided that they would be a threat to the Roman province,”(Ancient 1). To the untrained ear, this sounds like a concerning threat to the empire, but should the Roman Empire trust Caesar? Caesar was born to be a military leader. He was born into a senatorial, patrician family and was the nephew of another famous Roman general. “In the early 60s b.c. Caesar launched his own successful political and military career,” (Ancient 1). He climbed the
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His whole conquest to Gaul was just a chance for him to show that he was still on top and that he could be a great leader for the Roman Empire. The Gallic wars brought some improvements to the Roman Empire but brought more problems. The Romans were drove apart by political civil wars and lost many of their men but most of all. I think the greatest loss in the Gallic wars was the sanity of Caesar. “He was by then inextricably involved in the affairs of Gaul,”(Ancient 1). and lost powerful friends that eventually ended his life. Caesar could have been a great leader and won many wars before his natural death or death during war but instead he had to be “put down” like a sick dog by the Senate because he was ripping the Empire

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