Essay on Julius Caesar And Brutus : A Comparison

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Julius Caesar and Brutus: A Comparison

In the Shakespearean Classic Julius Caesar, many intricate characters are presented and compounded throughout the storyline. However, I will focus on the two main characters from this play, and compare their morals and personalities, to decide which one is the better man. In this essay, three main points will be presented.
Caesars faults, morals, and actions
Brutus 's faults, morals, and actions
Which one seems to be the more needed in Rome
By the end of this comparison essay, I hope to have shown the characters for who they are, and how they act, along with their basic morals. So, to begin with, Caesar.

1.Caesars Faults, morals, and actions

In the very first scene, act 1 scene 1, it is apparent that not all citizens of Rome are satisfied with their king-to-be. Two characters, Flavius and Murellus, are seen strolling about the town, chatting about Caesar and his rise in power. They discuss his "victory" over Pompey with a random cobbler on the street, and are apparently against even calling it a victory. As we go along in the first act, Caesar is partying in the streets with his subjects, and sees no wrong in doing so, even though his "victory" only gained glory for himself. He is oblivious to the people who resent him, though he is smart enough to recognize the Cassius is up to no good. In the next act, it appears that even his thought to be loyal body guard Brutus is conspiring against him. He has a long soliloquy where he…

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