Julius Caesar : A Transformation Of A Change Agent Essay

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What is the Greatness of a Change Agent? A great example of a Change Agent is Julius Caesar. A change agent is someone who makes a great impact on people and their lives and this is exactly what Caesar did. He made a number changes, and these changes were so capacious that they stood with the people of Rome. Julius managed to do more than he could imagine as a leader. He changed Rome in a historic ways and made Rome a better place. Even with everything that was going on while Caesar had power, he always was thinking of the future and what the people of Rome needed the most. Caesar helped transform Rome by focusing on what mattered the most.
Julius Caesar, formally known as Gaius Julius Caesar, was one of the most popular and trusted leaders of the Roman Republic. The definite date of Julius’ birth was not quite known, but it is assumed to be between July 12th or 13th, 100 BC. Julius Caesar had a magnificent impact on expanding the Roman Republic geographically. Also, early on in his life he created what is called the imperial system, which is known to be some sort of measurement technique. This was later on redone. Julius was the son of Gaius and Aurelia Caesar, his family did not have money, which made things difficult at times. His family was political, but they always were more focused on the democratic side and this is how he got involved and became the person that he did. Caesars parent vast concerns in Rome was helping out the lower class. When Caesar was 16 years old,…

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