Julian Paul Assange : An Australian Born Computer Programmer Who Founded The Whistleblowing Organization Wikileaks

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Julian Paul Assange is an Australian-born computer programmer who founded the whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks in 2006. His international recognition and infamy began in April 2010 when his organization published footage of U.S. soldiers murdering 18 civilians from an armed helicopter in Iraq.1 Following this, international opinion over him has been divided. He is recognized as an honourable advocate for the truth by his supporters and a reckless publicity-seeker who has endangered the lives of many people due to his exploitation of sensitive data by his critics.

In December 2010, he was detained by UK authorities after Sweden issued a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) over allegations of sexual assault.2 Swedish authorities claimed they wished to question him over accusations of rape and sexual assault that he supposedly committed in August of 2010 during his visit to Sweden.3 Assange denies these claims, stating that he was given full consent by the women he allegedly assaulted.

Due to extradition laws between the United Kingdom and Sweden, Assange fought for the rest of the year under house-arrest against his extradition for prosecution in Sweden.4 In February of 2011, Westminster Magistrate’s Court approved his extradition, despite the fact that his legal argument made clear the high possibility of his extradition to the U.S. where he may face potential execution due to extradition laws between the U.S. and Sweden as well as Espionage laws in the United…

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