Judge Green 's Case For Treatment Of Veterans Essay

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The next case was between another divorced couple, Mrs. Moyer and Mr. Avalos. Mr. Avalos did not have a lawyer with him. To me, he seemed nervous because he kept fidgeting and chewing on something, which I believed was not appropriate at the time. Mrs. Moyer wants the father of her child, Mr. Avalos, to have a larger part is his daughter’s life. However, she does not want Mr. Avalos to be near their daughter until he accepts treatment for PTSD and his anger problems. Mr. Avalos did acquire expensive treatments, but he stopped because he could not afford the treatments. Judge Green knew that Mr. Avalos was a veteran so Judge Green offered a solution to receive treatment for free. Judge Green is also a veteran and is a strong advocate for PTSD treatment of veterans. Even certain of the flags behind Judge Green are military flags. Judge Green appeared to care for Mr. Avalos’ health. Despite a perfect solution for Mr. Avalos, he gave the impression that he did not want help and does not understand the benefits of therapy. In my opinion, he is selfish because he is thinking what is better for himself rather than what is best for his child. Finally, Judge Green decided that Mr. Avalos needs to receive treatment before visiting his child again, which I agree with. I hope that Mr. Avalos will realize that taking care of his mental health will not only benefit himself, but also his child.
Next was a continuance case between another separated couple, the Shears. Again, Mrs. Shears…

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