Judaism- Myths and Misconceptions Essay

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Stereotyping is rampant throughout the world and people worldwide are stereotyped based on many factors. Stereotypes are generalities about a specific group of people that can be positive; however most stereotypes are distinctly negative. When a group is stereotyped, a definite and distinct set of characteristics attributed to that group of people based on a preconceived appearance of that group. Stereotyping is particularly problematic since it can lead to further discrimination and prejudice. Obviously, the stereotyped group is left with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and a sense of being ostracized. While race and gender are some of the most common factors of stereotyping, there is another factor that leads to stereotyping, …show more content…
According to the publication Confronting Anti-Semitism, Jews were unfairly judged since they were the people that lent money and collected taxes during a time that Christians were forbidden to do so (2008). Amazingly, this stereotype stuck throughout the ages and even today, Jews are stereotyped as wealthy and cheap. Although this stereotype has been fixed against the Jews, there is no evidence to support this. Are some Jews wealthy and cheap? Yes, just as some people from many race, religion, gender or culture can be cheap and wealthy. Contrary to the myth of being wealthy, there close to one million American Jews which live in a low income household (Confronting Anti-Semitism, 2008). This is only a survey of American Jews, which already discredits the myth, but doesn’t even consider the Jews living in other countries that are also living in a low income household.
All Jews, regardless of being wealthy or living in poverty adhere to a kosher living. The aspect surrounding eating kosher is also a common myth about Jews. Many people believe that eating kosher is simply the choice to not eat pork, but this is absolutely incorrect. Eating kosher entails much more as Cohen describes in her interview. Cohen refers to eating kosher as “kashrut”, which are a set of dietary laws that are followed by Jews and is dominant to the

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