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The electronic reserve I chose to report on.
Kim, S. K., Park, J. M., Choi, J. E., Rhee, S. K., & Shim, S. I. (2010). Intratendinous ganglion cyst of the semimembranosus tendon. British Journal of Radiology, 83(988), 79.

With this article, it describes the pathology and etiology in the middle age with two diagnoses for tendinopathy, and colcinosis with pathology on collateral ligaments in the middle age.
It describes the calcification within the fibular collateral ligament. It pertains to a 52-year-old man that was presented with tenderness and pain over the lateral aspect of the left knee. According to the patient, it occurred from a fall on the stairs and the twisting of the left knee.
Some of the tests that were taken such as
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However, it is my conclusions that if they cannot come to a verifiable diagnosis then those with the problem are left to wonder if his knee is just twisted/sprained or is there something serious causing an underlying problem? On the other hand, could it be that my interpretation of this paper is completely wrong and misunderstood? It would seem that with this article there are many ways to interpret what they diagnosed. If this was presented to another health care professional would he also come to a different conclusion as to what the MRI and the CT scans have shown?

Associate Level Material
Medical Terminology Breakdown

Break down 10 medical words from your chosen article.
Place the component parts in the correct boxes.
Copy and paste this template into your Week Eight paper.

Medical Word Prefix Combining form Suffix Definition
1 Ligamentous Ligament ous Ligament/o pertaining to
2 Tomography Tomo graphy Cut; slice; layer process of recording
3 Gastrocnemius Gastro cnemius Stomach , leg (shin)
4 Hyperparathyroidism Hyper para/thyr/oid ism Above; more than normal beside; apart from; two parts of a pair; abnormal shield-shaped structure (thyroid gland) process; disease from specific cause
5 Osteodystrophy Osteo dys trophy Bone painful; difficult; abnormal process of development
6 Idiopathic Idio path ic Unknown; individual disease; suffering pertaining to
7 Tendonitis Tendo itis Tendon inflammation of
8 Erythrocyte

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