Essay on Joseph Mccarthy And The Second Red Scare

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Joseph McCarthy Few people in American history have ever plunged the country into panic as Joseph McCarthy did in the 1950s. He single-handedly fabricated a scandal he claimed reached into the highest branches of the US government. Lacking substantial evidence, he accused various senators, representatives, and officials of being communist spies. His infamous “list” of such people was comprised of information that was “either taken from other sources or misremembered or just made up” (Kelley). As a result, Joseph McCarthy negatively influenced the United States politically, socially, and morally, as reflected in the literature of the Second Red Scare. Joseph McCarthy was born in rural Wisconsin on November 15,1908. After working various odd jobs for several years, he ran for office as a judge in the local Judicial Circuit. He proved to be a somewhat controversial judge, and was part of a scandal that involved the destruction of court records. When World War Ⅱ broke out, McCarthy joined the Marines. He would soon claim to have been wounded in this combat, but this was later proven to be a fallacy. After returning from the war, he decided to run for national office, specifically against the incumbent senator of 21 years (Rheeves). He barely eked out a victory, which in turn would launch the political career of a man whose name would soon be known in every household in America. Following the end of World War Ⅱ came a much more confusing and horrifying war: The Cold War. The…

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