Josef Mengele Actions

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Killing people is not a sport. Josef Mengele actions portrayed otherwise. All too many innocent Jewish citizens were affected by the Holocaust, including the ones who were randomly selected to get experimented on.
Dr. Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911. He was the eldest of 3 sons. The town was terrified of Josef’s mom because of her terrible anger issues. His father owned a local plant that manufactured farming equipment. “Josef was a smart, popular kid and was a good student,” according to his teacher. Josef’s father wanted him to work for him in his factory, but Josef wanted to pursue a career in science or anthropology. Josef eventually got accepted to the University of Munich, where he majored in Philosophy and Medicine. Josef was in the same college that Hitler decided to use to gain German domination. Because of this, Josef took the side of the Nazi Socialist Party. In 1931, Josef became interested in human genetics, right around the time people started saying that Jewish people are unworthy of living. In 1943, Josef had the job of performing experiments and research on human genetics, but instead of helping science, he created a lot more human suffering through
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Josef fled Auschwitz on January 17, shortly before the Soviet troops arrived. After he left Auschwitz, Josef made his way down to the Gross-Rosen camp and spent a couple of weeks there but was soon evacuated. American soldiers captured him while he was on the run, but they let him go because they did not identify him as a war criminal. After he was released, he went to work on a farm from 1945 to 1949 and migrated to South America. In 1960, he traveled to Brazil and lived near Sao Paolo where he survived his last days there before drowning during a stroke while swimming in 1979. His body was buried under the name of “Wolfgang Gerhard.” In 1985, German Police tracked Mengele to his grave and identified him in 1992 after a DNA test on the

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