Josef Mengele: Experiments During The Holocaust

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Josef Mengele was a doctor who did experiments on prisoners in concentration camps during the Holocaust. He was born on March 16 of 1911. The majority of his experiments were conducted on twins. His nickname was the Angel of Death. Josef Mengele’s father was Karl Mengele. He owned a business that manufactured farm equipment. His mother was Walburga Hupfauer. She made his family be devoted to Catholicism. He had two younger brothers named Karl and Alois. The citizens of the town he grew up in all said he was a good child and did not seem like he would do what he did.
He graduated high school in 1930. His father wanted him to work in the factory. Instead, he went to a university to study medicine. He got his PhD in physical anthropology. The
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He became an assistant to a doctor that specializes in genetics research. This doctor had an interest in twins. Josef started to focus on cleft lip and cleft chin. He also made his own thesis on what the genetics play into the cleft lip and cleft chin. This doctor encouraged Josef to go to Auschwitz. Mengele was a medical officer in the SS, which were Hitler’s bodyguards. Josef was trying to create the perfect Aryan race. These experiments gave him great infamy. This included having blond hair and blue eyes.To conduct his experiments, during the Holocaust, he would choose the people he wanted and gas them. He did this to continue his research on …show more content…
Whenever the prisoners would come off of the train, he would pick the ones that he wanted. To do this, he would either say right or left. These words would distinguish if they would work or be killed. He would conduct his experiments on these people, and the rest of the people would either work or be killed. He did many grotesque experiments and mutations on twins. He would do blood transfusions. He would also try to turn them into Siamese Twins. This is when he would amputate them and sew them together. He would infect one twin with an illness or a disease. If one of the twins would die, he would kill the other one and perform an autopsy on them. Josef Mengele conducted experiments on over 1500 pairs of twins. For younger ones, he would talk to, play games, give candy, and even have them call him Uncle Mengele. This is very strange because he was going to kill them eventually. He was also very interested in people with different colors of eyes. Sometimes, he would take their eyes and other parts of their body. He would put chemicals in these peoples’ eyes to try to alter the color of their eyes. He basically conducted experiments on everybody that was not normal. This includes dwarves, giants, twins, and people with deformities or other issues. Probably the most disgusting was that he would force inbreds. He would try to change genders and take out peoples’ organs without putting them to

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