Josef Mengele Selection Process

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Josef Mengele
Who was Dr. Josef Mengele? Some call him the angel of death, evil, or maybe even a monster. He was infamous for his many gruesome experiments and tests It was proven that Mengele murdered up to 732 pairs of twins. In this essay you will be learning all about the man named Josef Mengele.
Dr. Josef Mengele made many decisions during the “selecting” process. What was the reasoning behind these decisions, The selecting process occurs when the Jews were deported to concentration camps. The physicians stood outside the train cars where the Jews were, and when they came out he would either send one of them to the gas chamber or keep one of them for labor. “Like other SS doctors there, Mengele had the task of selecting prisoners for the chamber - the vast majority - and for the slave labor force” (Lifton 3).His decisions were based on appearance, if you appeared to be big and burly, then you were to be labeled as useful
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The angel of death treated people like lab rats and one of the most reckless people in WWII. People were terrified of Auschwitz and Mengele made it worse once they got there. Josef Mengele did terrible things to people, and no one else should experience what he did.

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