Jokes : A Government Major Essay

1003 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page

I went to the University of Texas—I was a Government major... That’s the first joke of the night.

I hate our government. I 'm not a neo-Nazi or conspiracy nut or anything, and I don’t have a personal vendetta against Obama or anything. I just have a low-simmering hatred every single branch; and I like to think my reasons are solid.

I’ve always hated our government. And hearing that, you might say, “Then why did you become a Government major?”... To this I say, “Shut up. You don’t get to talk; this is my thing.”

I became a Government major because any time something bothers me, I have to learn every little thing I can about it. Then, I can be more precise when pick it apart... To sum up, I’m an asshole.

When it comes to Obama, my only real problem is that, for the longest time, he didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes.

Although I heard him respond to a question about the GOP by laughing recently... And that 's the correct response for pretty much any question about the GOP, at least in theory.

I say “in theory” because if Trump got elected, there 's no way it would be funny at all... It would be terrifying.

Meanwhile, Congress is too busy trying to get one over on each other instead of doing anything worthwhile. Even when one party is in control, they still get nothing done... They pretty much just act serve as the “Comments Section” to everything the President does.

And you might be saying, “Oh, but the Supreme Court—,” to which I say, “Seriously, stop…

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