Essay about Join The Flu Fighters : Informative And Persuasive Leaflet

1390 Words Dec 16th, 2015 6 Pages
‘Join the Flu Fighters’ is an informative and persuasive leaflet given out to adults across the UK, whose employers have decided to use this service. This means that there is a specific audience to relate to – working adults – so healthy males and females aged 18-60 generally.
The background context is relevant for this leaflet as working adults have similar basic desires – to save money and have an easy kind of life. The author of this leaflet seemingly plays on these desires, examples include “free flu vaccination”, a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and reassuring language. ‘Free’ things are what the majority desire, nobody likes to pay for things, which is why mentioning that it is free is effective. The author also comments why it is free in the F.A.Q., because “it is provided by the employer”. This makes the audience feel lucky, in a sense, to have the opportunity to receive this vaccine, in turn persuading them to take this opportunity and having the free vaccination. The producer of the text also uses reassuring language throughout, such as “qualified”, “takes a couple of minutes”, “it is impossible to give you the flu”. Firstly, “qualified” is reassuring to the audience as it lets them know they are in capable hands and that they have nothing to be afraid of, thus increasing the likelihood of them taking the opportunity. Additionally, “couple of minutes” is reassuring as well as desirable, as adults prefer ease in life, and working adults tend to be busy and not…

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