John Steinbeck 's The Pearl Essay

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Anacreon, an Ancient Greek poet, once said, “Cursed be he above all others Who 's enslaved by love of money. Money takes the place of brothers, Money takes the place of parents, Money brings us war and slaughter.” This is a quote that relates to The Pearl because it shows that greed is evil. It shows how greed tears apart families, and brings anger to people. Greed, or materialism, is the love or obsession of possessions. The Pearl is based on a Mexican folktale about a young native Mexican man finding the “Pearl of the World,” the size of a seagull egg (Steinbeck). The native believes that the pearl will bring his family great fortune, but instead the pearl brings harm. The pearl harms his family and changes his view on life. When John Steinbeck was on a trip he hears this folktale, and turns it into the award winning novel called The Pearl. In The Pearl, John Steinbeck creates the theme that greed can change anyone by using characterization and setting.
To start off, John Steinbeck uses characterization to create the theme that greed can change anyone. In the beginning of the novel, before Kino has found the pearl, he watches over nature and the “detachment of God,” (Steinbeck). In this quote, it shows how Kino is innocent and pure because he is being compared to God. Kino lives a good life because he lives a good life with fresh breakfast, a family, and his prized possession, his canoe. Once Kino finds the pearl he becomes an animal, whose priorities are off kilter. Kino…

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