John O ' Sullivan 's Manifest Destiny Essay

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In the years leading up to the idea of manifest destiny, our new nation was on the verge of exploding. The eastern seaboard had become very crowded and still, more people were coming in to the United States. It was time for action. It was time to set sights towards the west and explore this unknown country. At the end of the War of 1812, westward movement became a remarkable exodus of people across the continent, despite some continuous pushes westward in pockets of the newly formed country. Even though abolitionists believed the expansion into the west would increase the slave trade and the greed of the U.S. was becoming increasingly difficult to manage as more land was taken from Mexico, under the guardianship of the Monroe Doctrine, Americans would move further west because views on race and religion would help shape the concept of Manifest Destiny as the United States was destined to expand across the continent.

In 1845 the term "manifest destiny" was first used by journalist John O 'Sullivan in the New York Democratic Review. O 'Sullivan wrote favorably of the U.S. annexing Texas, an area that the U.S. saw as not belonging to any other nation. Following Texas’ own successful war of independence against Mexico in 1836, President Martin van Buren held back from annexing Texas after the Mexicans threatened war. Accordingly, while the United States extended diplomatic recognition to Texas, it took no further action concerning annexation until 1844, when President John…

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