Essay on John F. Kennedy 's ' Killing Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy was president from 1961 until his death in 1963. Many Americans view him as a great president; however, this view is distorted because of his horrific death. Any person killed by a communist extremist is considered a great, especially if that person is unarmed and vulnerable. As in the case of John F. Kennedy, he was completely ignorant of Lee Harvey Oswald and his objective and although fell victim to the radicalism of communism, he did was simply not the great president everyone thought he was. He is remembered as one, though, just because of how he died. Although he was not the great president, as many thought he was, he was a good president and did help America succeed in the three years of his presidency. In chapter one of Bill O’Reillys book,”Killing Kennedy, “ it explains how they story of PT-109, which is the boat that was sunk and it was Kennedy that saved the lives of all but two members of the crew (the two were killed instantly when PT-109 was cut in two by a passing Japanese ship), captured the attention of Dave Powers who, decided to work for Kennedy. And it was because Powers, that Kennedy was elected into Congress and later, was elected President.This is what the general public remembers, however, people forget the it is Kennedy 's fault for allowing the boat to be destroyed in the first place. Also, after the wreck, Kennedy did not take control of the situation immediately, as he will with most decisions during his presidency, and that does…

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