Essay about Job Analysis For The Healthcare Industry

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In healthcare industry, there are many jobs with areas of specialty. However, these areas are associated with the special needs for patients-care (the kind of disease). Thus, there is the need for areas of position to be staffed. Therefore, job analyses come into play by determining the duties of the position and the characteristics of the people needed for the task. Inasmuch, the concept (job analysis) will have to produce the needed information in order to draft job description as well as specifications (what kind of people to hire for the job). Some of the information it (job analysis) seeks for includes work activities: (like teaching, painting or even cleaning), machines- (tools, equipment, work aids), human behaviors, performance standards, job context and human requirements. The idea is to help the organizational effectiveness by ensuring that, work carried out by staff is in alliance with the company’s mission. Whereas, this on the other hand, help the management to clearly identify the most appropriate employee for new duties and realigning workloads. Having said that, it will help the worker to better understand their duties and responsibilities, its importance and how their position also contributes to the mission, goals and objectives of the organization.
In relation this, I will choose physician (surgeon) as a job in the healthcare industry. Reason being is that, doctors can mean the difference between life and death. People who suffer critical injuries need a…

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