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Market Place Live Simulation
Executive Summary
The Executive Team
The main tasks include the establishment of the objectives, assigning and organizing work. In addition, management of schedules and the company meetings as well as monitoring the overall performance, that is, balanced scorecard and ensuring that the team is well managed so as to lead the industry. There are other tasks required in ensuring complete performance which includes brand management that basically involves ensuring that customer needs are delivered through appropriate pricing and brand designs, advertising that includes designing advertising copies and placing them in the media and the management of sales which majorly involves
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Most importantly, the microcomputer industry is apparently at is developing stage which means that it requires few quarters for the customers to get used to the products of the industry. The early stages of the market are characterized by less than ideal quantity and quality of the market. In this case, the company expects to seek $30 million in the subsequent 12 month period. In order to remain in the forefront, an investment worth the attained profits should be invested in the industry to help acquire a large market share.
Description of the Business and the Industry
The company will embrace segmented or differentiated marketing strategy. In this case, several markets are targeted which will be designed for the purpose of marketing a variety of products while keeping the wants and needs of each section in mind. Through varying the products to different segments, the company hopes to attain higher sales within its market and a position that is stronger than the competitors compared to embracing the undifferentiated strategy. Although the differentiated strategy comes with increased business costs the increase in the projected sales is higher than the expected increase in the marketing costs.
Customers, products, and locations
The major markets for the company across the world include the Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Toronto. These markets places will all be

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