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Wipro Tied up with Kana Software to Service Global Insurers

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Wipro Ltd. signed agreement with the US-based Kana Software to provide customer service solutions to its global insurers through a joint development centre. The agreement provides Kana with systems integration scalability, as Wipro has presence across 57 countries worldwide. Kana Software has its headquarters in California. It provides customer service solutions using cloud computing network to about 900 enterprises and mid-market organisations, which includes 250 government agencies all over the world.

RBI Issued Norms for Currency Swap Window The Reserve Bank of India issued norms for
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The 13 entities were barred for a period of five years as they were the active players of manipulation activities and were directly connected to Mehta. The remaining 21 entities were restricted from accessing the securities market for a period of three years.

The irregularities were figured out by SEBI after it probed into the stock trading activities of 12 firms, since March 2009 to 15 December 2009. It its probe, SEBI identified huge changes in the prices of the shares. The 12 firms include Mavens Biotech, KSL & Industries, KBS Capital Management, Lotus Eye Care Hospitals, Panoramic Universal, Asian Star Company, MVL Limited, Rasi Electrodes, Allcargo Global Logistics, Sat Industries, Ushdev International and Anil Products.

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General Knowledge
GK Notes - September


Currency Swap Arrangement with Japan Enhanced to 50 Billion US Dollars India and Japan decided to expand their bilateral currency swap arrangement from 15 billion US dollars to 50 billion US dollar till December 2015. It is expected that this will contribute to the stability of financial markets. The government of India and the Reserve Bank of India would discuss and finalise the terms of this enhancement with their Japanese counterparts. Following the provisions of the agreement Japan will also get the

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