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Big and Loud
Most people has all been in a class when a substitute just doesn’t care because kids are doing bad things like talking and doing stupid things. Well that is what it is like to be in a class that is overcrowded. No one wants a crazy, cranky, and bitter teacher; in a class where the teacher cannot control the room is when they start to freak out and lose control. Everyone could agree that a sane teacher is a good teacher and a good class is the best place to be. Class size should never be over thirty students. The high school I went to had major budget cuts my freshman year. A lot of teachers got fired and I went from classes where the most I had was 22 and then went to classes where the classes were at the least 30 people. It causes behavioral and
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In the article Class Size: Effects on Students Academic Achievements and Some Remedial Measures. There was a study on an oversized kindergarten class. Results in smaller classrooms we higher reading skills and math. Large class sizes have a negative effect on test scores, grades, and disciple. Thirty students are just too much for one area. Chaos is bound to happen. This is a domino effect, and having less students in one class will make the dominos stand tall. Teacher can only help one student at a time and every student needs help. 1v1 connection is lost when teachers cannot help students.1v1 more time from the teacher and could understand the information better and could help if they were struggling. This study points out that students could perform better in small class. A very important part of a class is being able to ask questions. In smaller classes students are able to ask more questions about assignment and problems. Grades could be better and have higher grade marks. There could be more manageable class discussions because the teacher can control the group. This m makes a better understanding for the students so they could

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