Does Classroom Size Matter In Education

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Seulgi Ha (Selina)
Professor Miss B
College Writing
5 December 2016
Does classroom size matter in education quality?
In the present day, many people research about which classroom size is good for students. There are several advantage of small class room size and disadvantage of large class room size such as class room environment, teachers’ attention, and students’ participation problems. Some parents insist that classroom size does not matter to make a good classroom environment and some parents insist that a small class room makes a positive environment for students. In my opinion, small size of class room is the best way to teach students well.
Before talking about the reason why a small classroom is good, people should know about that
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He illustrates that “Small class sizes lead to more one-on-one attention from the teacher.” (“What Are the Advantages to schools). In my opinion, in the small classroom, students can receive more individualized attention from a teacher. Since the teacher can take care of students by men to men way, students will receive more individualized attention. This environment will make positive effect to students who are in the small classroom such as students will perform like more carefully and do their homework with more focus because they will think that teacher will check our action and homework more carefully. Second, the author claim that “Worse, in a classroom that large, personality conflicts are more likely to occur, and to occur in extremes. Discipline begins to take up more of the class period than actual instruction. In a classroom with fewer students, discipline is needed far less often.” (“What Are the Advantages to schools). In the small classroom, teachers have more time to teach because of fewer discipline problems. Thinking about this situation, if there are many students around twenty to thirty, most of teacher will be disable to care about all of students in the classroom. Likewise, in the class, if there are some students who are talking with their classmate in the classroom, teacher should give them notice to not talk with their class mate in the classroom. Considering …show more content…
I believe that students are more likely to participate in small class and become more involved. With the new Sage tests comprised of students synthesizing information from essays into an argumentative essay and an informative essay, students need a more engaged form of education than lecturing. I advocate that real education starts at participate so people need to make students participate in the class. In my opinion, students need small classroom to participate in the class well. If students have a class in the large size of classroom, they would think like that ‘it is okay that not participate in class. Other students will participate in.’ this thought will make the class such as just lecture and this situation will have a consequence that they will be in bad class room environment. Finally, every student will not participate in the class. If the classroom size is not large, students will think that talk about my opinion is not really serious thing and they will discuss about the topic with their class mate easier than large size classroom. And they will participate in the class

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