Private Vs Private Schools Essay

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Public education emphasizes diversity and freedom. On the contrary, private schools tend to be stricter. Their education is highly standardized, and they emphasize unity.
In the case of China and Canada 's public and private schools are not the same. I am from a friend in Canada learned a few things,My friend 's children attended public and private schools, so her case to public and private schools is very understanding. Public schools because they had regional funding and curriculum limit,so with more students few teacher student achievement big difference the problem,so the teacher can not all take care of all the students, The teacher will use more energy in learning a good student. Public school problem is that it 's too obligatory, the
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They want to keep the school 's reputation, to ensure that the transition rate to university, so the poor performance of students do not receive! If the child has been results do not increase in the study, it is likely to be expelled. Private schools generally have very superior art of social science education, this is different from public schools and strengths. They use the textbooks is also more …show more content…
Also ensure that the environment of the school will help your child become a good individual inside and outside the school. Public schools generally have larger classrooms because they have a bigger population of students compared to the population of students in private schools. While some people may think of this as a disadvantage since a bigger class would mean less attention to individual students, this is not always the

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