Essay Jft2 Task 2

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Subject: Organizational Management, Task2

A. Develop an action plan:

1. Analyze the financial and leadership strengths and weaknesses of the Utah Symphony before the merger.
Utah Symphony had a great deal of financial talent, but has been unable to find a strong source for future success. The potential merger builds on these strengths and weaknesses by creating a better future for both companies.
Strength points: Symphony became one of the first orchestras from the western united stated to tour internationally. Unlike artists who worked for the opera, musicians employed by the USO received a full year contract and earned a full time salary. They had well management and financial that they were able to go to several cities and
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b.One of the first symphonies in the western United States to perform internationally.
c.Symphony performed over 200 concerts in 2000 – 2001 seasons under the leadership of music director Keith Lockhart.
d.Among the 20 leading symphonies in the U.S.
e.Lockhart provided the artistic vision for the musicians.
f.Scott Parker, symphony CEO was resigning.
g.It is not a simple matter to find a tested professional to head the symphony on such short notice of Parker leaving

a. Recommend the key steps Anne should take to address these weaknesses to ensure a successful start of the merger.
I believe that the first Step Anne should take to address these weaknesses would be to analyze the issues. The next step would be to develop an action plan that can ensure the merger will benefit both parties. Finally, the third step is to take action and use the plan as a guide to success.
Anne`s action: They engaged in a series of private conversations to consider the idea of merging UTAH`s top two arts organizations in an effort to economize on costs and perhaps expand the artistic potential of the two organizations, The outcome of these conversations was study the idea of a merger between what argued were of Utah`s greatest cultural assets.
Anne explained that not only would merger help alleviate some of the financial pressure the symphony was experiencing but also would solve the problem of recruiting quality CEO. There was a concern that

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