Jewish Traditions And The Jewish Culture Essay

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During the first decade of Christianity, Christians followed Jewish traditions and went to synagogue with those who had not converted to Christianity. They attended temple daily and celebrated the Sabbath as they always had. Up to about 20 years after Christ’s death Christians had to be converts to Judaism before converting to Christianity. It took the temple being destroyed in 70 a.d. to show the early Christians that they were separate from the Jewish people. They realized that Jesus was the High Priest and He was sufficient. Even after Christians no longer went to synagogue with the Jewish people their worship continued in similar patterns as Jewish tradition. But new Christian traditions were added in to worship practices.
Early Christians did not have a formal building in which to worship and celebrate Jesus. He had spent most of His life with the lowly and humble who were servants, slaves, the poor, and the sick. He did not amass treasure on Earth with which to build temples and shrines on Earth and neither did His followers. They worshipped in the homes of fellow Christians.
Worship services in the early days of Christianity made communion the focal point and most important part of worship. Today’s services focus on scripture and preaching as most important. To those Christians from the beginning celebrating what the Christ had done in atoning for our sins through His death and ultimate resurrection through communion with Him by “breaking bread” that was the…

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