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Instead, He invited people to a new way of life.

Jewish Social Prophet: Jesus stands in the tradition of the great social prophets of ancient Israel who challenged social systems.

Jesus fits very well into the tradition of the classical prophets of Israel. The classical prophets are those who have books named after them. There are fifteen classical prophets.

We usually equate the word “prophecy” with the prediction of a future unknowable to “ordinary” people. So we think immediately of people like Madam Auring or Aling Rosa, or those self-styled “prophets of doom” who foretell the nearing end of the world. But this is not how prophecy is understood in the Bible. The prophets of Israel were seen primarily as God’s messengers. Indeed, the name of the last of them, Malachi, literally means “my messenger”.

Jewish Movement Founder / Initiator: A movement came into existence around him which embodied his alternative wisdom.

How do we describe the movement initiated by Jesus? It was, first of all, intended for Israel. Like the other Jewish movements, it saw itself as a way for Israel, a way out of the crisis facing the Jewish society. One of the most certain facts about Jesus; ministry points to the concern with Israel: the choice of the twelve. “Twelve“ is symbolic. It is the number of the twelve tribes of Israel. That Jesus chose twelve rather than eleven or thirteen is no accident. Jesus saw the twelve as representing the “new” or “true” Israel. Jesus shared
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