Jesus, Son Of God Essay

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Jesus, Son of God
For hundreds of years following the fall of Jerusalem the Jewish people suffered from repeated suppression yet they waited in faith and hope for the coming of the Messiah. The questions is what would he look like and how would he save the world? Would the Messiah darken the skies? Would he speak through a burning bush or a loud thunderous voice? Or would the Messiah come armed with a golden sword and crowned with jewels? No one could have imagined the arrival of the Messiah in form of a fetus, immaculately implanted in the womb of an ordinary but pure woman named Mary. The incarnation of God came to live among the people as a man but he was no ordinary man. This paper will show how the Messiah was conceived through a virginal conception, baptized in the wilderness, and denied the temptations of evil, all as man and as God.

The birth of Jesus
The immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary and the birth of Jesus have been challenged and disputed by scholars and religions worldwide. Some of the areas of debate fall in the categories of the supernatural, the choice and purity of Mary, and the concern of the genetic passing of sin (Stein, 1996). The thought of a poor virgin girl being impregnated by the Holy Spirit and giving birth the divine and human Son of God is inconceivable. However, According to the recounting of the event in the Books of Matthew and Luke, Mary was approached by an angel that revealed to her God’s plan for the birth of His son…

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