Jesus: The Creation Of God

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Jesus is the Alpha, the Beginning and the Principal of creation.
“These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God” (Revelation 3:14).
Jesus did not just exist before the beginning but He was also the beginning. Jesus is the Alpha; it means that He is the Power that brought all things into existence. Jesus was the starting power of the creation. The life of the creation was intrinsic in Jesus. The creative power was in Christ; He gave life to the creation. Jesus existed before all things and He caused all things to exist. Jesus is the Principal of creation; He was the power that established all things. God created all things by his Word. Jesus is the all-powerful Word of God. He created all things.
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The creation came from Him, and by Him all things exist. Jesus is the Author, the Maker, the Master and the Lord of all things. The Greek term logos in philosophical terminology also denoted the principle of the universe, even the creative energy that generated the universe. Thus, Christ as the Logos is the agent and the personal expression of the Creator God. Jesus is the way by which the invisible Father expresses Himself from the beginning. Jesus is the Alpha of the creation of God; it means that He is the instigator or prime mover of creation. The creative power was in Jesus, and all creative work started because of Jesus. Wisdom built her house (Proverbs 9:1), and Jesus is the Wisdom of God. He built the entire universe in …show more content…
Jesus will judge the world and he will put an end to this evil age. Jesus has the last word; he will interrupt all earthly activities and bring all souls to judgment. The final power is in Jesus; the power of life and death is in Jesus. Jesus holds the key of time, meaning He has power over time. The end of this age is monitored and set by Jesus; no one can stop the clock; no one has power over the timing of events. We all undergo the change of time. Our body changes with time. However, Jesus stays the same forever; He does not change. He is immutable and eternal; He does not age because he is not subject to the limitations of time. Time is in the hand of God and He is the one who will put an end to the passage of time. Jesus has done all things. He said at the cross: all things are done – ‘it is finished’. Jesus will put an end to this evil age, so that we can enter into eternity. Jesus is the Supreme Judge, He will judge all things (John 5:22). In the Day of the Lord, Jesus will destroy all earthly systems; His power will overcome Satan and the Anti-

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