Analysis Of The Sacrifice Of Purusha

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1. “The Sacrifice of Purusha” – In this narrative the Gods used Purusha to create the worlds. From Purusha came the verses and chants, the meters from that, the formula from that, and from that came horses, animals with double rows of teeth, cows, goats, and sheep. Purusha’s mind became the moon, his eye became the sun, his mouth turned into Indra and Agni, from his breath the wind was created, from his navel the atmosphere, from his head the heavens, from his feet the earth, and from his ear the cardinal directions.
Genesis 1:1-31 from the bible- God created the heavens and the earth. He created light and darkness, day and night, the sky and heaven, the seas, dry land, vegetation, seasons, days, years, living creatures in the sea and sky,
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The great beginning was empty, and from the emptiness the universe was created. The universe produced light materials that became Heaven, and heavy material that became Earth. Heaven and Earth created Yin and Yang, which created the four seasons and creatures. The hot forces of Yang created fire and its essences created the sun. The cold force of Yin created water and its essence created the moon. The excess force of the sun and moon created the stars in the sky and water and soil on Earth. Once Heaven and Earth were complete and empty the Great Oneness created all creatures. Man was created from …show more content…
He used the gold chain to climb down from the sky, he released the sand and the hen so the hen could scratch at the sand and form hills and valleys. He planted the palm nut which instantly grew into a palm tree and multiplied. The black cat kept him company. Obatala grew bored so he began sculpting creatures like himself out of clay. He took a break and drank wine made from the palm trees, then, not realizing he was drunk, went back to creating his figures. He asked another God to bring his figures to life Some of his figures were deformed, so he vowed never to drink again and become the Protector of the Deformed. The people built huts and began to prosper. Obatala went home to the sky for a visit. The sea Goddess flooded his city, and when he heard the news he returned and ended the

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