Jesus Christ As Our Lord And Savior Essays

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Every Christian has to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. How the acceptance comes about, is different for every believer. C. S. Lewis shares his viewpoints on how he embarked on his journey, from being a former atheist, to writing profoundly wisdom influencing books about Jesus Christ. We will discover the fundamentals of the Christian faith, division amongst God’s followers, worldview, alternatives for humanity, Christian beliefs, and God’s way of communicating Christ to us.
Followers of God can be divided into two separate categories. The first group of individuals is known as the Pantheism. They believe God is similar to the universe, which every natural being is of the universe, and are of God. In addition, they believe that there is no good or bad, only human perspective. Their thought process is the wiser one becomes, their perspective changes the way they view good and evil. The second group of individuals is the Christians, Jews, and Mohammedans. One of the major differences, between the two groups is that the Pantheism viewpoint about God is tied into the universe. Christians believe that God created the universe, and every aspect of it, but He is greater than the universe itself. If the universe disappeared today, and we were floating in space, Christians would still believe His almighty power will still prevail even in space (Lewis, 1980, p. 36-37).
Additionally, the world’s viewpoint is divided into two. First is the Christian’s perspective.…

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