Jennifer Nevins 's First Year Of Teaching Essay

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Jennifer Nevins is in her tenth year of teaching. She has her Master’s degree in elementary education with an Emphasis in Gifted Education. She speaks at gifted conferences multiple times each year and has had her curriculum published twice by the world’s largest gifted literature publisher. She also leads professional development in the district to help regular classroom teachers to meet the needs of their gifted students.
However, this year, Jennifer has met her match. She has a class of students with extreme social and emotional issues. The class argues constantly, and they have even become violent with one another, causing Ms. Nevins to send some to the principal. She has several twice-exceptional students, including one with severe Asperger’s. She can’t seem to get these students to tolerate each other, let alone collaborate with one another.
Since Jennifer is the only gifted teacher in her district, she is not sure who can help her with this problem. Finally, she approaches her principal, hoping to find some solutions. The principal is usually very direct in supervising teachers, but she realizes that she isn’t an expert in gifted education or social and emotional issues.

Narrative: Provide a written narrative of imaginary dialogue between a supervisor and a teacher during a conference in which the supervisor successfully uses the nondirective supervisory approach.

Jennifer is nearly in tears when she enters Mrs. Harwood’s office. Mrs. Harwood can clearly tell she’s…

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