Importance Of Small Group Planning And Instruction

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This assignment was completed in Miami Spring Middle School - Subject: Intensive Mathematics Small group planning and Instruction (five hours): The small group instruction was delivered to a small group of 6 ELL students - 1 class hour/5day - Grade Level: 8th, Number of Students in Group: 6, ELL Students - number and levels: 1 (level 1), 4 (level 2), 1 (level 3), FCAT - 4 (Reading level 1 or 2), 1 (Writing level 1 or 2), 6 (Math level 1 or 2) Whole Group Planning and Instruction (five hours): The whole group instruction was delivered to the same group (21 students); each day of the week they had classes. (Monday: 1 hour, Tuesday: 2 hours, and Thursday: hours) - Grade Level: 8th, Number of Students in Classroom: 21 (13 Female, 8 Male), ELL Students - number and levels: 1 …show more content…
For example, the small group instruction was an effective way to differentiate instruction and meet the students’ needs - It required thorough planning and responded to informal and formal data collected from various sources, which helped me construct a comprehensive profile on students’ interests, abilities and challenges. Students were provided more exposure and focus on essential skills as well as more opportunities for guided practice. It also supplied a structure to closely monitor students’ performance and more opportunities for immediate feedback. By proportioning intensive small-group interventions, I gave the specialized attention ELLs needed to improve their skills. Students cultivated closer relationships with their classmates since they were given opportunities to discover commonalities; they also developed strengths and weakness in addition to ways to help each other. I had more time to meet the needs of the most challenging students who required greater teacher guidance. I scaffolded the teaching/learning process so that all students had opportunities to work independently and

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