Observation Of Different Types Of Assessments In The Classroom

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In the classroom, I was observing there were two general teachers, one head teacher and one assistant teacher. The two general education teacher worked with other teachers to help the students with exceptionalities. There were wrap-around service workers in the classroom for the students who had emotional and behavior issues. The wrap-around service workers in the classroom were excellent; they were able to work with the students who were emotional and behaviorally disturbed. There were also many pullout programs in this classroom, there were different types of teachers who came into the classroom and would take some students out of the classroom. There was a speech therapist, who came and worked with the one student in the classroom that did …show more content…
Every time the teacher did a lesson or read a book at story, she always asked questions, before, during and after the lesson was done, to help the students understand better, especially the ones who were having difficulty understanding the lesson or book they were reading that day. This classroom focused more on informal assessments. The teachers asked teacher-directed questions before she started to do something. One informal assessment that was used in the classroom, I was observing was having the children working in small groups with the teachers. When I was there the one teacher was working on the alphabet with three children and they were using alphabet magnets to help the students with their letters. The classroom I was observing the teachers used worksheets with the students in small groups. When I was there the students did a paper on numbers and a paper about the letters. The teachers also used student portfolio, that the used to put all the students work. In the classroom I was in the teacher had binders of all the children’s work, information, and children who had IEP’s. In the classroom I was in there were three students who had

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