Muslim Discrimination Pros And Cons

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Jen'nan Ghazal article discusses how Muslims aren't the first religious groups that face discrimination and exclusion. She mentions that at the 20th century Jewish and Italian immigrants were discriminated and they were seen as racially inferior to other Americans. Muslims is going through the same case as the immigrants because their religion is different from mainstream religion. According to Jen'nan Ghazal, even though U.S. is considered more religious than its economically developed western allies as the research shows that 93% Americans believe in God or some other higher spiritual being (Pg,93). To put into perspective Muslims are no different from worshiping Christian who worship God who don't base their politics on their alone. The …show more content…
Thereafter, Muslims are under the discrimination in places of work, public places, neighboring, as well as in government positions. The mass media’s propaganda made people to hate Muslims and increase discrimination against them. The research that is conducted revealed that the unfavorable perceptive were based on uneducated people decisions and ignorance. In addition, the people that are used to commit terrorism were uneducated and poor people from other countries. People who terrorize others are the once who did not even have knowledge of Islam. There is nowhere Islamic religion allows killing innocent people, and it is absolutely against its teaching. Those terrorists killed more Muslims than other people. They do not care whether you Muslim or not. In order to recover the pre-9/11 adherence star, people must uphold the rule of law. Political hate speeches also play a big role in fueling hate crimes racism targeting Muslims. Anti-Muslim activists are undermining American values by devaluing the First Amendment, which protect the liberty of all Americans. American people became a bias and irrational fearful, and hatred because of an aspect of their identity. People take the criminals of this community and superimpose their image on every other member, including children. In every other circumstance, we would call this way of thinking absurd at best and racist at worst. For example, if I see an armed robbery suspect on the evening news who happens to be five feet eleven inches, you do not expect every person who is the same height to be an armed robber. It is absurd to charge the whole Muslim with few bad apples’ actions. That would be

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