Jealousy Relationship Essay

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How Jealousy Affects Your Relationship
While there’s a notion that a little bit of jealousy means that you care or your partner cares, it becomes a destructive habit when the jealousy becomes, well, a habit. If you struggle with this form of possessiveness, you’re aware of how emotionally burdensome it can be. In general, jealousy isn’t only bad for the relationship; it’s also bad for you as well.
Here are 8 ways jealousy can affect your relationship and yourself:
1. It jeopardizes your physical health
Being consistently jealous means also being consistently stressed. And excessive stress constitutes to the possibility of developing health issues due to the secretion of the stress hormone called cortisol. This includes high blood pressure,
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Is this even possible? According to some facts, yes it is! There are actually certain forms of mental problems that develop from cases of severe jealousy. Nonetheless, even the most typical kinds of jealousy can still bring harm to your mental health and emotional health. The process of over-thinking, a feeling of insecurity, and constant worrying can ultimately lead to issues that can compromise your mental and emotional wellness.
3. It breaks the trust your partner has for you
Constant jealousy means you don’t trust your partner enough. As a result, your partner starts to resent you. She may also start to mistrust you, too. When you get jealous of even the littlest things, your partner will be more cautious and reticent when she’s around you. She’ll do that to avoid any discussions or issues that’ll trigger your jealousy.
With your jealousy, your partner becomes alert and guarded when she’s with you instead of being relaxed and comfortable. This also leads her to think that you can’t be trusted with your opinions and judgments because you easily presume things you don’t know about, which is mainly caused by your jealousy. She’ll also suppose that you’re not capable of listening to other people’s
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It makes you fail to take part in special moments
Jealousy forces you to be stuck in the past rather than moving forward. Because you’re filled with doubts and mistrust in your mind, it’s hard for you to savor good moments with your partner. It’s also hard for you to appreciate improvements to your relationship or changes your partner is exerting her efforts to make because you’re stuck in the past and blinded with persistent jealousy that won’t just go away.
6. It makes you revive quarrels that have already been settled
When there’s jealousy involved, even arguments both of you have already resolved can’t stay buried in the past because you wouldn’t just let them go. They need to be relived again so that you’re just repeating the frustrations and hurt caused by that particular issue once again.
7. It creates severe insecurity
Jealousy and insecurity are both serious business that can take a toll on your emotional and mental peace if left unaddressed. Usually, you’re prone to jealousy when you’re insecure. Your insecurity causes you to think negatively and assume the worst.
8. It makes it hard to talk about

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