Sinner Man Alvin Ailey Analysis

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Alvin Ailey was an American choreographer who was born in Rodgers, Texas but made his way to New York City through the years of his life. Before beginning on his own company Ailey studied and observed many other choreographers. For example, he observed Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey. He also was a student at Lester Horn’s dance school for many years. Ailey indulged very well in Horton’s style of dance and it displayed once Horton died. Alvin took lead as the company’s director. With the technique and experience he learned from Horton Alvin Ailey developed his own dance company, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, in 1958 and it included 8 Black dancers. In his modern style dances Ailey incorporates lively feelings and situations that people go through. Although his style was modern he never strictly choreographed his …show more content…
It included spiritual, soulful, gospel music which also displayed through the dancers. Sinner Man, is a very upbeat and powerful dance from Revelations. It included the use of canon and accumulation while having big energy all throughout. The dancers really were their character and it showed with how freely they dance. Fall and recovery are also displayed in this dance. Ailey told the story well of a Sinner Man with his freely big moving dancers. I also researched I Been Buked, from Revelations. While watching this piece, I did not see a story. However, I see this being a religious very connected group that each hold their own interpretation of this dance. I like how Ailey choreographed the dancers to break out and do their own thing in groups but still connect back together as one along with the repetition. In both pieces, I can see his inspired technique from Horton. Sinner Man would have to be my favorite out of the two because I like how the dancers really indulged into the characters and told their

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