Jonathan Edwards Sinners In The Hand Of An Angry God

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Cecilia Guardado 5th period In the short story “Sinners in the hand of an angry God” Jonathan Edwards tries to scare us into being converted to a beilever. He says all these horrible things of what god will do if we dont change or if we continue sin. It’s not nothing like what God is about now. If someone were to say any of these things now they would completely just blow it off. In saying all of these things he hopes that we will be scared into doing nothing but good. Towards the begining of the story he says “Thus easy it is for god when he pleases to cast his enemies down to hell”. He said this for the purpose of making us understand that if we get on the wrong foot with God that he will not hesitate to send us to hell. He will not try to forgive or give …show more content…
Also that God has all power over us wheater we think so or not so we should all start to convert to him. One of the other things he said that stood out to me is “therefore, let every one that is out of christ, now awake and fly from the wrath come…”. We who are not with christ need to realize we have to wake up and fly away from sins we have made or are thinking about making. That we need to stop being out of it and hopefully have listened to every thing and know that we either have to choose now to be with god or get our string cut and go to hell. We need to start to change ourselves now and be with god before it is too late. In all of this short story Jonathan is hoping that we have now seen and realized we are nothing but insects to god being held by a stringle thread and if we mess up it is over. If we continue to sin or do not commit or convert to god he will immediatley cut us off in to hell. He trys to fear us in to thinking theres no way out other then to be with god or hell. Even though church now is all about love and forgiveness this short story gives the total opposite of that almost like a dictatorship. If you do not do exacty what go will want you

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