Jasper Sent The Pig Man Essay

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Jasper sent the pig man to the neighbors who had a shed he could keep them in. “They’ll probably want paid, to feed and keep them until butchering. It’s still October, might have to wait ‘til November to get good hog-killin’ weather. You know it needs to be freezin’ several days.”
The man was drinking a cup of hot coffee, nodding at each word. “Figured I’d better hurry down the mountain. Heard you and the Daniels were building an Ark. Didn’t want to miss the opportunity to sell something for cash money. Other than the crate of chickens, only other thing I had handy were the hogs.”
Jasper nodded, “I’ll take care of the chickens. Mizz Mouse will get you written up. I’ll probably be gone when you come back. Got a lot of work to get done.”
Man nodded, handed back the empty cup and turned toward the Meany’s house where he’d been pointed.
They settled side by side in chairs by the stove, the room and food the same as every other morning. But it was hard to swallow breakfast with their nerves twanging so loudly. When he handed her his empty bowl and cup, the touch of his hand made her jump. Jeanne couldn’t stand it any longer. She left them in her chair seat, grabbed his hands and stood on tiptoe. He smiled and she wondered why she had never realized what a good-looking man he was. She smiled back, then closed her eyes, lips pursed, and waited.
He ducked his head and kissed her, warm and sweet.
“Well, well, well,” a voice called from the door and they turned to face the fiddler…

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