Japanese Education And Japanese Schools Essay

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Recently over the years very strict rules,overwhelming and frustrating exams in Japan can trigger bullying in Japan schools. “Reported cases of bullying at elementary schools rose to a record high of 118,805 in fiscal 2013” “(School Bullying).” This reveals that the pressure of too much work can have a bad effect on children.The Japanese education system is overwhelming and too stressful because of the difficult and demanding of school work, stressful entrance exams for high school and college, and strict school rules. This shows that the Japanese education system is very focused on school,yet it seems that this is too much work for students to handle,because of the little free time the students have can make them feel overwhelmed.
A fact about Japanese schools is that asking too many questions in class is a sign that you are a shameful student. In Japan, the students have a lot of school work and school hours. ,"A typical middle school or high school students, however, arrives home from school at around 4:00pm, has a quick snack and attends cram school classes, often three times a week from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. Sometimes students have cram school classes Saturday and all day Sunday too" Students in the Japanese education system do not have much free time.They go to school for seven hours which they have in common with the United States,Also Japan 's school year is divided into three terms(“Japanese Education System”). Explain how the quote ties into your topic

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