Education: The Anti-Intellectual Environment Of American Teens

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Education is a source of knowledge that lets us dive into the world. However, it can be an unpredictable thing to encounter when people don’t use it properly. In our society, an individual’s cultural view education as a decentralizing aspect of one’s lifetime that has gradually built up over time from the lack of development opportunities and the increased amount of social injustices endured in life. Although education is an important factor in our lives, there are many ways that can alter a person’s view on education. Statistics and movies can break down the problems of education. An article called “The Anti-intellectual Environment of American Teens” composed by Mark Bauerlein, he lists the ways of how students lack their own commitment …show more content…
An excerpt from “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” drafted by Eric Jensen, points out the causes and effects of poverty. Jensen interprets “poverty become the basis for full-blown insecurity during the early childhood years.” which then lead to “teen motherhood, depression, and inadequate health care…” and “students with emotional dysregulation may get so easily frustrated that they give up on a task when success was just moments away.” From the analysis Jensen has made for us creates a substantial point on how poverty can affect a child’s performance in school by listing the risks of health they will endure. Without health care, it shows the lack of care a child needs to continue school. Jensen also states depression and insecurities from poverty, which makes sense because poverty can lead to many problems by crippling an individual’s state of mind and thoughts on continuing. In fact, an impoverished student’s mentality could also lead into giving up educational tasks when dealing with many conflicts in their personal life. At unfortunate times, the majority of poor families has children that miss their opportunities not because of themselves, but in situations that are stagnant such as the state of health and social obstacles they

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