Jadm 430 Complete Course - Devry ( All Assignments - Dqs and Midterm Exam)

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JADM 430 Complete Course - DeVry ( All Assignments - DQs AND MidTerm Exam)

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The Course Project is designed to provide you with an opportunity to research a topic of interest related to some aspect of correctional administration. This project is an effort to allow you to fully explore issues related to either correctional officials or prison inmates.
This project incorporates all TCOs.
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The course project is
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Week 6--Final Paper 120 37.5 You will need to include a title and/or reference page, an introduction or abstract, a body for the paper, and formatting to adhere to APA guidelines.
Total 320 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.
Breakdown of Different Components
• Week 1--title page, topic description, and three references
• properly formatted title page--10 points
• one-page topic description--20 points
• reference to three outside sources--10 points
• Total: 40 Points • Week 2--annotated outline
• a properly formatted outline--20 points
• a comprehensive outline that addresses key points--40 points
• a brief summary of key points for all main topics addressed in the outline--20 points
• Total: 80 Points • Week 5--annotated bibliography
• a properly formatted bibliography--20 points
• a one-page summary of the publication--40 points
• substantive reasons for selecting the publication--20 points
• Total: 80 Points • Week 6--Final Paper
• title and/or reference page--10 points
• introduction or abstract--10 points
• text or body of the paper--60 points
• APA guidelines--40 points
• Total: 120 Points
Best Practices
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1. Identify Course Project topic.
2. Locate three sources of interest.
3. Develop a complete outline to include

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