Jack And Liam : My Childhood Friends For Elementary, Middle And High School

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Jack and Liam have been my childhood friends for elementary, middle and high school. I met jack in the second grade. I was a shy, foreign kid from Florida trying to make some new friends in a school that had preschool through 12th grade. I knew I was going to stay at the school until a graduated so I tried my best to fit in. Jack was the first one to introduce himself to me. We bonded like we’ve known each other for years. As we grew up into the 5th grade, many new classmates joined the class, but there was one new kid that stood out from the others. Jack and I went over to familiarize ourselves with this kid. Jack did most of the talking because no one could understand me with deep Spanish accent. He told us his name was Liam and we all know this was going to be friendship that will last forever. Jack and Liam were both surprised on their birthday when they found out they share the same birthday. Even though Jack and Liam share the same age and date of birth, April 24th 1997, they are both strikingly different in appearance, personality and organization skills. Appearance is always the first thing someone notices on a person. But my mama told me to not judge a book by its cover. What caught my eyes about jack was his lazy eye. Every time I talked to him it was like he was talking to a person behind me. it was awkward, but so was I. He eventually started wearing an eye patch and grew out of it which was a huge change. His height wasn’t always his greatest feature. Ever…

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