Ivilizations of the Americas: Mayan, Aztec, and Incan Civilizations

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“The engineers showed great cleverness and skill in supplying water for the crops, since only scattered sections of the land could grow corn. For this reason, they endeavored to increase its fertility as much as possible.” This was a quote from Garciasco de la Vega, a son of a Spanish explorer and an Incan princess, which described a method of farming in the Incan empire in 1539. The three most advanced civilizations were the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Incas. All three civilizations made major accomplishments, all being added upon and used by other civilizations. For example, the Mayans had created a calendar with three hundred sixty-five and a quarter days. The Incas had created terrace farming to create better and a larger amount of …show more content…
The Incas had created unique systems of farming called irrigation. This method was used to get stream water to the dry lowlands. Irrigation helped the Incas to produce mass amounts of crops such as corn, beans, and potatoes (O.I). This system also helped to increase the fertility of the land. With the combination of irrigation and terrace farming, the Incas could feed a population of 9 million (O.I). Modern scientists have studied Inca farming to improve crop production today (O.I).
In Document 5, a map of the Incan road system was depicted. The Incan government created a network of roads around the Andes Mountains to unite people in the empire that live in the mountains. These roads helped to get messages from one side of the empire to the other in a faster manner than it would to travel over land. These roads also helped for travel, the transportation of armies, and trade (O.I). Messengers called “chasqui” would run miles at a time to deliver messages to other regions of the empire (O.I). Pedro Cieza de León, a Spanish soldier, marveled over these systems of roads for travel of armies (O.I). In Document Six, an image of a farming technique called terrace farming that the Incas created. Incas used terrace farming to provide more farmland for their large population. Terrace farming is a process where the Incas would carve terraces out of the steep mountainside (O.I). The mountains, where the

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